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“Jay Poole and his crew are fantastic. He made the last several hours of a very long 6 weeks of buying a new home such a pleasure!!! He took excellent care of my belongings; frankly, he treated it all better than I would. He is organized, professional, personable and fun! He and his crew stayed focused and problem solved to get my oversized couch into a standard doorway. Really, Jay is great. And to top it off, he is so reasonably priced, especially for the service he provides. I can't recommend him strongly enough!”
--J. Starr, (Jamaica Plain)

"Thanks for showing up promptly and taking charge of the situation. I really had no idea where to start with all my mess! Being that I have so many things, it was wondrous to have you and your assistant help me move a large two bedroom apartment in two hours and unload in one. You took the time to pack the truck to maximize space and really cared about protecting my possessions. I would definitely recommend you anytime!"
--A. Latke, (Newton)

Hello, My name is Jay Poole and welcome to the online home of Wicked Smart Movers! On behalf of myself and my team, thank you for taking the time to consider us, we really appreciate it. Whatever the scenario, if you need help moving something, then you should seriously consider hiring us. Our team is strong, efficient, caring, careful, fun, friendly and, most importantly: Wicked Smart!!! OK, we are not super book smart like some of our ivy league friends and customers, however we are that other kind of smart...the smart that comes from experience and persistence; Years of experience has taught us how to handle tricky angles, deal with unique situations and how to hang in there when the weather is down right depressing.

If you are still reading, I want you to understand that I can relate to the situation you are in right now, for I too was once sitting where you were. In my life I have moved several dozen times; as I accumulated more and more stuff over the years, I eventually needed help. After trying and using several moving companies, I came to realize that finding reliable and intelligent moving help was nearly impossible. This was the genesis of Wicked Smart Movers!!! Now years later, after tons of moves, running the gambit from tiny to multi-family/multi-day moves, I have assembled a great crew of guys and industry contacts who will work to make your move as stress-free as possible. Without trying to be a braggart, something is clearly working as we continue to earn lots of repeat business.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, please consider giving us a try for your upcoming move. I assure you that you cannot find a more honest and caring organization in the moving business!!!

Sincerely, Jay Poole
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